Administrative staff

Léo Ballani

Distribution, Press, communication Cécile Ranc Martini  
General coordination Armelle Guillot

Groupe Grenade coordination
Eva Journeaux

Artistic Staff

Choreographer, Artistic Director
Josette Baïz

Assistant and classical dance teacher Elodie Ducasse

Coaches Elodie Ducasse, Andréa Perekovic, Sinath Ouk, Stéphanie Vial

Compagnie Grenade Kanto Andrianoely, Nordine Belmekki, Lola Cougard, Kim Evin, Félix Héaulme, Aurore Indaburru, Michaël Jaume, Mylène Lamugnière, Kader Mahammed, Sinath Ouk, Stéphanie Vial.

Artistic Partners

Set and lighting design
Dominique Drillot (Grand Hôtel, Gare Centrale, Eden Club, Duplex, Tonight! / Oliver Twist, Le Sacre, Barbe Bleue...)

Lighting design

Costume design


Erwann Collet (Grand Hôtel, On n'est plus des Anges, Les Araignées de Mars) Adaptation lumières pour Ulysse

Patrick Murru (Eden Club, Les Araignées de Mars, Tonight! / Oliver Twist, Le Sacre, Barbe Bleue)

Philippe Combeau (Grand Hôtel, Gare Centrale)

Original Music and soundtracks

Original music

Jean-Jacques Palix


Les Edmonds ( Yves Miara, Alain Bordes, Marc Artières, Stéphane Mazard)

Original music

Marc Artières 

Original music Mathieu Maurice

Decor L'Atelier du Petit Chantier 

Technical Team

Stage and Lighting manager
Erwann Collet

Sound Manager
Mathieu Maurice

Occasional collaborators
Fred Gromier, Jeremy Girard, Philippe Boinon...


Wardrobe Sylvie Le Guyader

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